Introducing The Equi-Ed Giving Guide

The Equi-Ed Giving Guide is an easy way to choose a unique gift honoring someone special in your life. 

These gifts are vital to the Equi-Ed program.

You and your loved one will know that your gift is useful, appreciated, and valued.


Make Equi-Ed a part of your holiday planning and know that

- more than making a gesture - you are making a difference!

 Gift Ideas

Select any gift from a list of specially curated items identified as a need for Equi-Ed.

Personalize your Greeting

Add a personal note or sentiments, ensuring that your recipient knows just how you feel.


Choose one of several pre-designed electronic cards

(e-cards). We'll add your

details and deliver it to your

recipient's email inbox. 


Select the delivery date for now, or just before the holidays. 

Gift giving has never been easier or more efficient! 

The Items


Give a Gift

Our handy on-line guide

lets you choose gifts to honor friends, family & loved ones, and includes your personalized message.

Holding Hands

Make a Difference

Your gift benefits Equi-Ed’s programs and equines all year long and supports

riding lessons for those

with special needs.