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Volunteer opportunities exist for individuals from the community, college interns and high school students to help with a variety of activities including horse and care/preparation, stable work including stall cleaning, office work, assisting with lessons on an as needed basis, and fundraising. Volunteers usually make a 2-3 hour weekly commitment to the program to ensure adequate staffing for lessons and other program/horse needs.


Volunteers are trained through a combination of onsite-hands on/shadowing activities and lecture/readings and videos, over the course of 12-20 hours depending upon incoming skill level of the volunteer. Our extensive training provides an overview of disabilities, horse handling techniques, adapted tack and equipment, role play of lesson situations and much more. Minimum age to volunteer with Equi-Ed is 14 years old. Equi-Ed also provides on-going training opportunities for all of its volunteers.

To contact Equi-Ed about volunteer trainings and other opportunities, call (707) 5-HORSES (546-7737) or email


Individuals who wish to volunteer with Equi-Ed are required to complete these forms and have read the volunteer training manual, which is provided to you by email, prior to attending training:

Want to volunteer?

Upcoming Volunteer Information and Training Sessions

Go to our calendar page for dates:


"I could write VOLUMES about all the wonderful things that Equi-Ed is. In short though, the Directors and instructors ROCK. Their attention to safety, details, education, fun, and happiness is above and beyond. Never have I met such a selfless group. It is life changing watching the students grow in strength and self-esteem while learning, exercising and having fun. They are the true meaning of champions!"

Joanne - Equi-Ed Volunteer

"I have been a volunteer at Equi-Ed since 2008. A friend introduced me to the program and I absolutely love it. I mostly help with the feeding of the horses but have also been involved in lessons. To witness the incredible benefits to the riders is amazing to say the least. I feel very privileged to be a small part in this amazing program. The instructors and managers are truly special, they never waver in their commitment and love for what they do. The team of students, instructors and horses makes for a program that benefits all involved. As a volunteer I get so much more out of it than I could ever give back."

PJ - Equi-Ed Volunteer

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