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Here's a great way to help Equi-Ed!

Consider sponsoring one of the therapeutic riding horses through the Sponsor-a-Horse program.


The expense of maintaining one of our special horses is approximately $3,000 a year. Expenses may include feed, bedding, farrier and veterinary costs, and replacing special tack.


Your $3,000 sponsorship will maintain one therapeutic riding horse of your choice, for one year (make your selection by visiting the Our Horses page). The Sponsor-a-Horse program gives corporations, groups and individuals the opportunity to support the "backbone" of our therapeutic riding program - our horses.

Sponsorship Benefits Sponsors are recognized for their contribution to supporting a horse in multiple ways:

  • Horse's photo to display in your home or office

  • A visit with your sponsored horse

  • Sponsorship announcement in the Equi-Ed newsletter

  • Recognition on our Facebook page

  • Our enduring gratitude!!

For further information or to sponsor a horse, please contact Equi-Ed by email at or by calling (707) 546-7737.

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