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"Jack LOVES the lessons and is thriving. I see more horses in his future and your program has opened incredible doors for him. P.S. Sade rocks!!!!! She even got me over my fear of horses. She's a true blessing and good spirit."

Nancy, parent of student


"My daughter, who had a lot of psychological barriers, which kept her very lonely and lacking in self-confidence, has found a safe, nurturing program, through the wonderful staff and volunteers. After only 6 months of riding she has regained her self confidence, feels proud of her accomplishments and is venturing into relationships with other peers. Thank you so much Equi-Ed!"

J.B., parent of student


"I like going to Equi-Ed to learn horse riding skills and vaulting skills. They let me volunteer by having me help do barn activities. This experience helps me with my physical balance and personal confidence. My dream is to participate in competitions."

Hana, student


"My daughter developed hydrocephalus after surgery when she was an infant and has challenges with coordination and balance. One measure of the success of the program for her is that she has stuck with it for 10 years and is motivated to work to pay for her lessons. She says she loves the challenge of controlling the horse and likes the feeling of being so tall. She also greatly enjoys the relationships she has developed with the volunteers and staff."

Bill, parent of student


"My daughter lacked oxygen before and during the birthing process which affected all her development growth - mild cerebral palsy. She participated in traditional therapy until she got sick at age 10 with a rare disease that almost made her crippled. We searched for a different therapy method to help her recooperate her ability to walk. We found Equi-Ed, where not only has she been able to regain her leg strength, but also develop better coordination of her whole body. The most empowering element of this program is watching my daughter express excitement and self-confidence with the horses. Now, she has also found a purpose to work harder at school so she can have a career working with horses."

Lorna, parent of student


"My daughter has ridden at Equi-Ed for the past 3 years. During that time, we have seen an improvement in her social skills, math skills & best of all, her confidence. She loves the horses & all the people that work with her. She is treated with respect, kindness, & as a valuable person. We can't recommend this program enough."

Laurie, parent of student


"Equi-Ed is a physical and emotional oasis for me. Thanks to my granddaughter, who is a passionate equestrian, I began taking lessons at Equi-Ed a few months ago. In addition to the normal aging process (I am 67 years old), nine surgeries have meant a significant loss of suppleness and chronic pain. With the knowledge and compassionate support of certified trainer Max, physical therapist Diane, and trusty sidekick Jennifer, I am beginning to communicate with my body again by learning to communicate with the horse. What fun! What Equi-Ed accomplishes with limited financial resources is nothing short of amazing! They support us with professionalism, consistency, and always good grace. My riding lesson is the highlight of my week!"

Helen, student


"My autistic daughter is 17 years old and has been riding horses at Equi-ed for the past 10 years. It's a highlight of her week. In addition to having fun, riding has taught her patience and control of her body. She's learned to control the horse independently and is quite proud of her ability to do so. She has limited language, but knows "walk on," "trot," "whoa," "helmet," "reins."

Carolyn, parent of student


"When Nicholas first started he was so timid and unsure of himself.  4-H would not have been a real option and he would not have wanted to participate.  In the past year, Nicholas has grown so much.  And Equi-Ed has been one of the main reasons....  you all do so much.  More than just what is obvious .... it is life changing."

Karen, parent of student


"I started off as a client of Equi-Ed, by way of the Adapted PE Dept at SRJC. I had a brain surgery that changed me and my balance, hearing, coordination, view of myself, confidence, quite a few things changed in my life for me. I really took to the horses, staff, classmates and they liked me! We all had such a great time that semester! My balance became steadier, my coordination grew, things got better. It wasn't quick, like in the movies, but I did Improvise, Adapt, Modify, Overcome! I saw and felt how great this program was that I took the Volunteer Class and became a Volunteer. I admired so much how the Volunteers had helped me. I wished and hoped I could be like them. I could start off as a Sidewalker for students and work in the barns with the horses. Just like being a client, I copied everyone until I had it down for myself. Earning the right to Volunteer was a huge self esteem boost and confidence builder for me. Today, I wish I lived closer so I could come in and help more at Equi-Ed. I am a different person now, I am doing much better.....No other program/therapy/activity I have done has given me what Equi-Ed has given back to me. My life really changed for the positive the first day I was a client. Thank you to every single person for all your kind help. Sincere heartfelt appreciation for every horse."


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