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View our fundraising page to see how you can support our program by clicking the link below.


Sunday, September 25

at  Napa Valley Farm and Ranch Vineyards

Calistoga, CA

During the Ride-A-Thon on September 25 each student will ride their horse through a designated course in a Calistoga vineyard assisted by volunteers and staff... Volunteers and staff will also be raising pledges to support Equi-Ed’s mission, care for the horses and be able to provide scholarships to students. Your participation and support is deeply valued. The monies earned from the yearly Equi-Ed Ride-a-Thon are crucial for the program to be able to offer the life-enhancing activities that therapeutic riding and horsemanship provide. 

The past 2 ½ years have put a great financial strain on the program. Due to canceled events and lessons resulting from COVID restrictions, weather and fire evacuations, this year’s fundraising efforts are more important than ever.


Thank you for your support of our program, students, and the very special horses, who make this life-enriching activity possible for those with special needs.

How to Donate

We are hosting a campaign through MightyCause. You may donate directly to our Team Page or create your own fundraising team if you currently are an Equi-Ed Student or Volunteer

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