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Equine's & Education

Equi-Ed Therapeutic Equestrian Program

Equi-Ed is dedicated to fostering inclusivity and building a culture of community for individuals with disabilities through equine-assisted activities, creating a world where everyone feels valued and empowered.

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Why Horses?


Therapeutic riding enhances health by improving balance, muscle control, and strength. The rhythmic motion of horseback riding mimics walking, promoting a sense of walking and stimulating passive exercise, which boosts cardiovascular, muscular, and respiratory strength.

Engaging in activities like grooming, learning about tack, navigating obstacles, or practicing dressage fosters problem-solving, sequencing, impulse control, concentration, and patience.

Furthermore, interactions with horses cultivate social skills and foster personal relationships. Horses form bonds without judgment, facilitating the development of trust and communication.

Ultimately, all riders gain self-confidence from the challenges and excitement of riding.

Enhance well-being through horse interaction in a positive, inclusive environment fostering care and connection between disabled and non-disabled individuals

Begun in 1993, Equi-Ed was a part of the Special Education Department of Santa Rosa City Schools. Equi-Ed maintains an affiliation with the Adapted Physical Education and Equine Science departments of Santa Rosa Junior College and offers horsemanship instruction, competition opportunities, and specialized educational programs to children with and without disabilities.

Local & National Affiliations

All instructors have completed specialized training in therapeutic riding and hold registered or advanced level certification.


To best meet the individual needs of clients, consultation or assessment with Occupational, Physical, and Speech therapists, as well as Adapted Physical Education specialists and Special Education teachers is arranged.


Equi-Ed actively works to promote public awareness of therapeutic riding through student riding demonstrations, and public speaking engagements to organizations and corporations

Partners & Awards

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