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Equi-Ed's Spring Fundraiser
Pony Poop Bingo!

One little pony in a pen, where will she poop, so you can win?! 

peggy poop.jpg

This fun, silly virtual fundraiser will help feed our very special therapeutic program horses.


Each horse consumes about 1 bale of hay per week.1 bale of hay = $24.99 + tax

For every square you purchase, you are helping to feed 1 horse for a week.



Purchase your square - or lots of squares to increase your chances!

    $25 donation for 1 square or five squares for $100!

* Numbers are selected on the Friday of each week: April 21 + April 28 + May 5.

* Service dog Thel, along with Mrs. King's special education students from Herbert Slater Middle School, work together to randomly select your numbers. Students set wooden sticks with numbers on the lawn and Thel retrieves the sticks on command. 

* You will be contacted by the Equi-Ed team via email to confirm your number or numbers prior to the event. 

* Squares can be purchased until 12noon on May 5th or until they sell out, whichever comes first. 

* Winner does not need to be present to win and will be contacted by the Equi-Ed team. 



On Saturday, May 6th starting at 1:00pm our adorable mini, Peggy, will be fed and then released in an area with the marked grid squares.

The first square to be pooped in wins $150.00. Consolation prizes will be awarded in the case of poop spilling into an adjacent square. 



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poop student stick_edited.jpg
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Purchase Squares Here