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Equi-Ed offers to students with and without disabilities who participate in our therapeutic programs, the opportunity to experience physical, emotional, and mental benefits. 

"When Nicholas first started he was so timid and unsure of himself. In the past year, Nicholas has grown so much. And Equi-Ed has been one of the main reasons.... you all do so much. More than just what is obvious.... it is life changing."

- Karen, parent of student

Riding Lessons

​Lessons are customized to meet the individual's needs and goals. Students ride in small groups of 2-4 to ensure they receive personalized attention from the instructor. Held year-round.

Groups For Fire Survivors

Horse Hugs Help group for children 6-12 who lost a home or were displaced in recent wildfires. Therapeutic time spent learning about horsemanship and other activities are included. Taught by instructor who lost a home in the fires and involving horses who have survived the fires as well.

Supplementary Programs

​Equi-Ed students have participated in local, mainstream horse competitions and schooling horse shows, the CALNET Horse show in Los Angeles, as well as our own yearly Equi-Ed Horseshow.


A winter ground school program which includes elements of horse care and maintenance in addition to equestrian themed activities/projects and sometimes a field trip. Sundays, January - March.


In our Summer program, children participate in reading, arts/crafts, games, in addition to horsemanship activities.

WAVE Project​

Equi-Ed provides the Wounded American Veterans Equestrian Project program (WAVE) to veterans experiencing service related trauma of a physical or cognitive nature. Our goal is to provide veterans skills in safe horsemanship and beneficial interactions with the horses.

Vaulting- Currently Unavailable

Adapted Recreational Vaulting focuses largely on facilitating an environment which provides opportunity for interaction and experiential learning. Interaction with the horse through ground games, with other vaulters through team activities and with the vaulting instructor through activities on the horse. Gymnastics on horseback provides the opportunity to improve balance and flexibility, develop fine and gross motor skills, build strength and work as a team. Held throughout the year.

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