Barn Buddies

Zooming With My Barn Buddies

This is a virtual horse and barn education experience, with horse-themed activities encouraging learning and social interaction in a fun and creative way. The Zoom classes will be co-led by Special Education teacher/Equi-Ed Volunteer, Meaghan, Max, and instructional assistance provided by Tatiana.


With lessons on hold for an unknown period of time, here's a way we can stay connected and keep learning about all things horses! The 5-week zoom sessions, Feb. 6 through March 6, are available for all of our students, current, former, and future, and any of their family members. Also invited are our volunteers and their family members. Anyone is welcome!

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Session 1

Meet our horses and get to know a bit about their breeds, colors, and their history. Watch the video below then have fun with these activities to support our first lesson!

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Put your knowledge to the test with this Equi-Ed wordsearch.

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Pony Puzzles

Check out and solve these puzzles of our very own herd!

Session 2

This week's session celebrated horse nutrition and Mardi Gras with our own Equi-Ed Style cooking show! Max and Marsha made a King's Cake for each of our horses and watch them enjoy their special treats!

Once you've finished watching enjoy two activities that accompany our lesson. 

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Equi-Ed Valentines Day Puzzle

Check out and solve this week's puzzles of our very own herd!

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Eat Like a Horse Coloring Page

Color each ingredient that makes up the balanced diet of our horses.

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Mardi Gras and Valentine Horse Treats

Find this week's vocabulary words with this word search. 

Session 3

This week we focused on parts of the horse. Tatiana with the assistance of Bev an Equi-Ed Volunteer and Charlotte the Pony identify the different parts of a horse and compare them to a human.

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Parts of a Horse Puzzle

Check out and solve this week's puzzle of Garland with the parts of the horse labeled. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 10.51.13
Parts of the Horse Wordsearch

Find each vocab word in this weeks word search.